To boldly go…. Why we need bold policies to tackle climate change

  • If the solutions for combating climate change exist, why is nothing being done? That was the question raised at a landmark meeting of 11 national engineering institutions representing 1.2 million engineers.
  • According to engineers, the main challenges are political with governments often unwilling to introduce bold policies necessary to adequately tackle the global issue of climate change. They suggest this is due in part to three things: the state of the world’s economy, vocal criticism from climate change sceptics and the failure of the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference.
  • The engineers suggest that whilst political discussions continue, they have been developing the technologies to reduce emissions which will create a more stable future.

The UK has set ambitious climate targets for the near-term and achieving these targets will require concerted effort between politicians and engineers to develop and implement effective, efficient solutions.

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One Response to To boldly go…. Why we need bold policies to tackle climate change

  1. Dr M C Smith says:

    It also depends on how you define solution – just because something is technically feasible or possible does not make it a solution unless it is also publically acceptable (for example: we could stop climate change tomorrow if we removed a sizable proportion of the world’s population, but that is not solution which is acceptable!…). Personally, I think natural and physical scientists need to stop seeing politics and public attitudes as a barrier to implementation, and more as the standards which their work needs to meet.

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