Cranfield University’s Centre for Environmental Risks and Futures is here!

Welcome to the Centre for Environmental Risks and Futures blog. Our aim is to scan the horizon for emerging risks to or from the environment, prioritize these risks, and research the most pressing/ severe issues.

Our work is conducted in partnership with 11 organisations from across government and the research councils. Together, we aim to share knowledge about what the future might hold, and work with these organisations to help ensure they are resilient and prepared for emerging risks.

The partnership comprises includes Defra, the Scottish and Welsh Governments, Department for Energy and Climate Change, Department for Transport, Natural England, Forestry Commission, Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Marine Management Organisation, Food Standards Agency and the Natural Environment Research Council.

The (literal) bottom line: we deliver insights that will help to shape and future-proof policy and practice. We can do this for industry, government, or the third sector, on a local, national and international basis. Follow us to keep up to date!

About Hayley Shaw

Knowledge Exchange Manager at Cranfield University's Centre for Environmental Risks and Futures (CERF). Sharing the latest news from Cranfield, and insights from across the industry. All things risk, environment, and the future.
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