Local ecosystem impacts from major developments could be irreversible

  • Research in desert environments has shown that ecosystems which suffer rapid and severe impacts from drought, climate, or land management decisions may not recover.

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  • Rapid changes to land use can reduce the opportunity for local species to adapt, and can cause local extinction.
  • The effect is not necessarily that the overall richness of the area is reduced. Rather, the make-up of the areas is no longer the same, as other species will come to take their place.
  • Further research may be needed to establish whether gradual land use changes could reduce the potential for local extinction in the UK.

Government may wish to consider a national policy for gradual land use alterations. For example, planners may be encouraged to ensure large-scale development occurs as part of a multi-point process wherever possible, in areas where valuable ecosystems are at risk.

For more information, visit: http://tinyurl.com/7b8uk5b

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Knowledge Exchange Manager at Cranfield University's Centre for Environmental Risks and Futures (CERF). Sharing the latest news from Cranfield, and insights from across the industry. All things risk, environment, and the future.
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