Time to invest in hemp?

Hemp is set to be a crop for the future, with applications as a replacement for fibreglass in car manufacture, building insulation and reinforced plastics
Whilst it may take ten years to take off (most likely when the cooking oil price reaches a level, and where the fibre is a widely viable alternative), the market is growing and there are further benefits to growing the crop. For example:

  • it can help to control blackgrass and improve soil structure
  • it can be  as a low-saturated fat alternative to olive oil; and
  • it is also a valuable cover crop that reduces herbicide use.

Hemp is a growing market with potential uses in many sectors. Investment could help stimulate agricultural markets and offer farmers new avenues for income.

For more information, visit: http://tinyurl.com/6vm7uuu

About Julia Chatterton

Systems modeller with a particular expertise in food, farming and agricultural systems. Working with life cycle assessment methods for over 4 years to assess and analyse the environmental burdens associated with food and other production systems.
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