Kite powered fishing boats

  • New innovative kite technology applied to small fishing vessels may provide fuel savings of 40-50% while the kite is in use (30-40%) of the time.
  • Providing wind conditions are between 14 and 20 knots total overall fuel savings may be between 12 and 20%.
  • Fuel use on boats is one of the largest sources of energy use and hence greenhouse gas emissions associated with fish consumption.
  • This technology shows the potential to provide fuel savings to other vessels and larger kites are being tested for operation on long line fishing vessels.

Government may wish to follow the research to understand the benefits of large-scale implementation, and consider it’s potential to reduce UK fuel reliance and emissions.

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About Julia Chatterton

Systems modeller with a particular expertise in food, farming and agricultural systems. Working with life cycle assessment methods for over 4 years to assess and analyse the environmental burdens associated with food and other production systems.
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