Inner city food producers

  • Urban farming has been around for some time on a small fractured scale but a trend has now emerged where a fully functional network of producers who supply inner city restaurants, individual consumers and retailers are meeting growing demand that has environmental benefits through logistical efficiency and optimised use of space.
  • Where support was limited in the past, growth can be attributed to growing demand for locally sourced produce and the support from the “Capital Growth” scheme run by Sustain where London growing spaces have risen from 50 in 2008 to 1’500 in 2012.
  • The movement has other economic benefits associated with employment where shelters employ the homeless to grow and sell their vegetable’s to local eateries. With inflation having a strong impact on food and energy prices, urban farming is the logical step to cut down on and control associated costs.

Urban farming has shown that it can compete and that there is significant demand but now that it has moved from a hobby to a business the operators will need financial support, advice, training, vertical and horizontal industry collaboration and incentives.

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