UNEP Foresight

  • The UNEP’s Foresight Process has released a report listing 21 emerging issues or challenges we face during the 21st century. Completed by a distinguished panel representing 16 developing and industrialised countries the report aims to bring focus to global issues prior to Rio+20.
  • The top three issues include:
    1. aligning governance to the challenges of global sustainability;
    2. transforming human capabilities for the 21st century by meeting global environmental challenges and moving towards a green economy; and 3. ensuring food safety and food security for 9 billion people;
    3. compared to challenges of the previous century issues this century will need to confront climate change, water scarcity and a search for efficiency gains.

These overarching issues pose particular challenge for national governments as they offer little in the way of implementation. Addressing these issues will require innovative thinking unique to different regions, but implemented using a joined up approach. These approaches are not currently, or readily available for deployment and will require considerable time and effort to develop.

For more information, visit: http://tinyurl.com/74f2c2z

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