Metamaterials could significantly boost wireless power transmission – Tesla coils revisited

  • Transfer of electricity without wires as demonstrated by Tesla was plagued by inefficiency. As energy travels through air it disperses. Delivering a specific amount of energy therefore requires an enormous amount of initial energy.
  • Today there has been a breakthrough, not in the practicalities of energy dispersion, but in its collection. Introducing metamaterials, a man-made material that exhibits optical qualities not found in nature.
  • Metamaterials’ unique properties enable them to concentrate energy to a device by acting as a type of lens. Collecting energy over a larger area reduces the initial amount of energy that must be sent.
  • The technology has been demonstrated on close range wireless charging between mobile devices. However, there is much room for improvement and scale-up.
  • The future is wireless charging of electric vehicles. This technology is a potential game changer that may accelerate the development of electric vehicles or serve to replace expensive infrastructure attributed to a classic electricity network.

For developing nations lacking a robust energy delivery system this technology may enable electricity delivery at a fraction of the cost reaching far more households than conventional techniques.

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