Kerosine jet engines can now run on biofuel

  • Increased in oil prices have provided new incentives to develop alternative fuel sources for jet engines. Whilst the use of biofuels in jet engines is not new, recent technological advances have meant that biofuel blends can be used without any modification to current engines.
  • Biofuel blends using Jatropha plants, wood chips, and algae have all been tested, and testing by General Electric suggests that airline, aircraft manufacturers, and military clients can switch to biofuels without any modification to, or investment in current engines.
If successful, this technology may provide a platform for alternative energy use in air travel. Whilst this may be seen to be ‘greener’, Governments will need to carefully consider whether biofuel production is sustainable, and possibly incentivise industry investment in sustainable biofuel sources.
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About Joao Delgado

Joao is a Research Fellow in Futures Research and leads on medium-large scale futures projects at CERF. Amongst other projects, he has led the development of scenarios for the future of river basin management for the Environment Agency. His professional interests include veterinary science, epidemiology, risk and systems thinking.
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One Response to Kerosine jet engines can now run on biofuel

  1. Sade Oshinowo says:

    Can Biofuel be use for domestic purpose as DPK? Is it safe? Thanks

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