Climate mayhem

  • London Geologist Bill McGuire argues that global warming may trigger geological events such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and resultant tsunamis. The link between these subterranean events and climate change is supported by evidence of catastrophic geological events of the past. For example, as the Earth shifted out of the ice age, stresses and strains induced by melting ice sheets and rising sea levels were suspected of triggering volcanic eruptions with
  • Recent changes to the Earth’s surface may once again destabilise hidden faults within the crust triggering earthquakes. McGuire suggested melting glaciers in New Zealand may trigger an earthquake and though this prediction was accurate (i.e. Christchurch quake) the reason for the earthquake is unknown.

Understanding the complexity of climate change is challenging. It is not simply a case of measuring temperature and sea-levels. It is about understanding the inevitable impacts of climate change and developing plans for dealing with impacts we can no longer mitigate.

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