The 8-80 philosophy

  • A Canadian company has developed the concept of 8-80 cities, the philosophy that a city that is good for eight year olds and eighty year olds will be a great city for all citizens.
  • The company has worked in four continents and has used this exposure to a range of diverse environments to collect and share their international best practice guidelines for creating people-friendly cities.
  • Cities adopting the 8-80 approach strive for social equality and sustainable happiness, nurture the need for physical activity and prioritize human interaction, while creating spaces for fulfilling these goals.
  • The Danish city of Copenhagen has adopted this concept by installing miles of solar- lit bike super highways that allow commuters to get home faster than they would by car. This is not an environmental movement, but bicycles are becoming the logical transport choice as they are the fastest, most convenient and cheapest option.

Urban design to please all sectors of society as well as providing a highly functional city- scape is a major challenge facing town planners. The 8-80 concept may provide a helpful guiding vision for future developments.

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