Utilising urine to capture CO2

  • A Spanish researcher has proposed the use of a readily available resource – wee – to combat CO2 pollution in cities.
  • Urine (human and livestock) is a resource available across all human societies, is produced in large quantities and is close to the pollution hubs of large cities making it an attractive raw material.
  • Every mole of ammonia in urine can absorb one mole of atmospheric CO2. The urine is mixed with olive waste water to prevent decomposition and can then be used as a CO2 absorbent.
  • The urine- olive water slurry can be inserted into industrial chimneys so the gasses being discharged must travel through the liquid, increasing the pressure and maximising CO2 absorption. The next step in the research is to increase CO2 absorption and study wastewater re-use risks.
  • A detection system to show when the liquid is saturated with gas would be needed and the resulting waste product could be utilized for agricultural fertilizer.

Urine is an untapped resource and any use that results in beneficial environmental outcomes should be pursued. However, the cost of infrastructure installation may be prohibitive if there is no incentive for businesses to filter their emissions in this way.

For more information, visit: http://tinyurl.com/8ag4n62http://tinyurl.com/8pq56zt

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