News: New student project investigates climate change communication

© Rob Enslin @

© Rob Enslin @

Students at the Centre for Environmental Risks and Futures are investigating the most effective ways to engage businesses in climate change adaptation. Future weather patterns are likely to bring many challenges to UK businesses, who may need to adapt to ensure their long-term resilience.

The expansion of social media holds great potential for accessing hard to reach individuals and organisations, harnessing information sharing, and raising awareness of the importance of creating resilience within a changing climate.

As such, a student led research project will evaluate ways in which the Environment Agency can use social media to communicate climate change adaptation information to businesses. Within the study, students are requesting participation in a short online survey which investigates current use of social media, perceptions of climate adaptation and how such information should best be communicated.

Please take 10 minutes to provide feedback from the perspective of your business, to help the Environment Agency create resilience within UK businesses.

Complete the survey now

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