Marine energy development database



    A new database has been developed in the United States that brings together all existing global research on ocean development.

  • The ‘Tethys’ database provides real-world data about the interactions between marine wildlife, physical ocean systems and marine devices. The information available includes the results of environmental research and monitoring on marine development such as tidal, wave and current energy worldwide. It also provides a map of where all studies or documents were developed.
  • The creators are encouraging others to submit their work to be added to the database in the hopes of making it even more comprehensive and up to date.
  • It is anticipated that the database will enable marine infrastructure developers and industry regulators to safely expand sustainable marine development without detrimental environmental impacts.

Implications and next steps: This database may provide a convenient ‘one-stop-shop’ for evidence supporting marine development, in particular issues regarding marine development applications. Relevant to the Marine and Coastal Access Act, the Tethys database may also serve as a platform for promotion of UK research and knowledge sharing.

Tethys:;  Clean Technica:;  US Department of Energy:

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