‘Millennials’ are not as ‘green’ as expected

  • We often target advertising campaigns and information toward a particular demographic cohort in order to influence behaviours or opinions. However, this requires an accurate understanding of the group of interest.

    © Mathew Wilkinson@flickr.com

  • A psychology professor at San Diego State University suggests that millennials, or Generation Y, have widely been considered to be one of the greenest demographic groups and are generally thought to more politically engaged, caring and community- focused than earlier generations.
  • However, she also states that this popular view is largely incorrect. Apparently most millennials would not choose the environment over money or quality of life. When comparing baby boomers and millennials, boomers said that they separate their rubbish and use reusable grocery bags more than millennials. A survey published by the American Psychological Association states that three times more millennials than boomers made no personal effort at all to help the environment.

The results of these surveys may influence the way we communicate with people who fall into the millennial demographic in order to convey environmental messages effectively. It may be that there is a need to tailor communication strategies for environmental awareness campaigns and community initiatives to appeal to the priorities of this cohort, namely money, career and quality of life.

Journal of Consumer Behaviour: http://tinyurl.com/mwl8dgg, CoExist: http://tinyurl. com/c9oewso, DDB: http://tinyurl.com/c4tb74c, Book: ‘Generation Me’ by J.M. Twenge.

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