Cyclonomics – bicycles and business

  • Studies show that retail sales are up for shops located on busy cycling routes. In New York, stores near protected bike lanes have had a 49% increase in sales.

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  • Biking changes the way people shop, for example, parking becomes easier for cyclists as compared to car drivers. Furthermore, a higher density of bicycles can be parked than cars, which may lead to a higher density of shopper in any given area. Although bikers spend less money on each visit, the total expenditure over a month is higher than that for drivers.
  • Cycling also boosts tourism, which provides secondary benefits by way of holidaymakers who spend money on food, beverages, accommodation and of course, bike repairs.

This information supports the formation of new cycle-friendly infrastructure (particularly protected bike lanes) in cities to achieve economic and social (fitness and wellbeing) benefits.

CoExist:, New York City Department of Transport: http://

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