About Our Blogs

At the Centre for Environmental Risks and Futures (CERF), we conduct quarterly horizon scanning across 13 key factors. The majority of our blogs summarise our findings from the horizon scanning process, to help you stay on top of emerging risks. We also post occasional news from CERF to keep you up to date with new research in the centre.

More about our horizon scanning 

Horizon scanning is a process that uses the most up to date information to systematically identify new insights and emerging risks at the margins of current thinking. At Cranfield we scan over 600 information sources to understand what risks and opportunities there might be to our partner organisations in the future.

We focus our search around 13 ‘key factors’, which are drivers of change, influencers, or areas which our partners feel may affect their organisations ability to achieve objectives. These are listed below, alongside the CERF researchers/authors who represent each scan.

  1. Consumer attitudes and behaviour (Hayley Shaw)
  2. Energy supply and demand (João Delgado)
  3. Natural resources and waste management (Dr Kenisha Garnett)
  4. Agriculture, forestry and rural communities (Julia Chatterton)
  5. Oceans, marine life and fisheries (Dr Anna Rathé)
  6. Food production, processing and distribution (Julia Chatterton)
  7. Science, technology and innovation (João Delgado)
  8. Climate, environment and biodiversity (Dr Anna Rathé)
  9. Economy and industry (Dr Anna Rathé)
  10. Globalisation, (geo)politics and national security (Dr George Prpich)
  11. Demographics and urbanisation (Dr Anna Rathé)
  12. Land use and land management (Dr Kenisha Garnett)
  13. Health and well-being (Dr Anna Rathé)

To access our ‘mind-mapping’ area for new insights, visit our team Pearltree at: http://www.pearltrees.com/t/horizon-scanning-insights/id4354711

Click here to read more about our Horizon Scanning Methods.

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