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Can twitter predict food –related outbreaks?

Sickweather is the first company to attempt to predict outbreaks by tracking symptom and disease mentions on twitter. Previous efforts have tracked Google search terms, emergency room visits, and over the counter medication sales to track disease. However, the company … Continue reading

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Using a dual approach to public engagement: the old and the new

Two recent campaigns have had a proven effect on consumer behaviour, but they draw on completely different mechanisms. The first (an online game) offered points to University students who snapped unique shots of their campus. Results showed that over the … Continue reading

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Broadband funding shortfall

The UK is likely to fall short of its broadband targets for 2015 due to a £1.1bn gap in funding that will need to be met by private investors. Government targets are to provide 100% access to fast broadband and … Continue reading

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Thinking outside the box for network provision

Proliferation of smart-phones and tablet traffic is resulting in the clogging up of wireless networks resulting in poorer service. To mitigate congestion, network providers have begun data throttling, targeting heavy users and slowing down transfer speeds, but this does not … Continue reading

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