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Climate mayhem

London Geologist Bill McGuire argues that global warming may trigger geological events such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and resultant tsunamis. The link between these subterranean events and climate change is supported by evidence of catastrophic geological events of the past. … Continue reading

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The magnetic soap that cleans up oil spills

Bristol University has developed a soap that could be used to treat oil spills in the future, using a unique magnetic property. The soap (composed of iron rich salts) dissolves in water, and responds to a magnetic field when placed … Continue reading

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Renewable energy and disaster preparation

As the proportion of renewables in the energy mix increases, questions begin to formulate about preparation levels in the event of disaster. Some recent examples include a wind turbine catching fire in gale force winds. Another involves improper installation of … Continue reading

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Social network lifeline – is twitter the new S.O.S?

Recently, social networks have featured prominently in events of social disturbance, such as the Egyptian protests and the London riots, as effective means of quickly organising mass gatherings. In the US, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and … Continue reading

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