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Bread developments – the bread that could last for 60 days

A technique has been developed that may make bread last up to 60 days, through a process that zaps the spores that cause mould. It is estimated that 32% of bread loaves purchased in the UK are thrown out as … Continue reading

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Food Sleuths – food traceability detection

Food fraud, economic adulteration and food counterfeiting are estimated to account for worldwide losses of $49 billion. Quite often this does not manifest itself as sickness or cause the consumer any harm, so is not a high priority for regulators. … Continue reading

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Striking a balance: marine conservation versus economic needs

Britain’s Lyme Bay Marine Protected Area was created with the intention of balancing conservation with the economic needs of fishermen by zoning the park to allow particular types of harvesting in designated parts of the protected area. A similar model … Continue reading

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New soil-free farms reduce land and water pressure

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The Waseda University in Japan has developed an alternative technology which allows farmers to grow crops without soil. Not only does this offer the potential to reduce land use pressure (by negating the need for nutrient-rich soil), it also offers … Continue reading

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Can twitter predict food –related outbreaks?

Sickweather is the first company to attempt to predict outbreaks by tracking symptom and disease mentions on twitter. Previous efforts have tracked Google search terms, emergency room visits, and over the counter medication sales to track disease. However, the company … Continue reading

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Will “locovores” come back to bite us?

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Trends across the UK, Australia and the US show that more and more consumers are buying locally produced food. At the extreme, a new hoard of “locavores” will only eat food produced within a 100 mile radius. Why? Consumers note … Continue reading

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New agricultural methods could halve food price inflation

New research by The International Food Policy Research Institute has found that resource conservation technologies could halve increases in food prices. If drought resistant varieties for rain-fed crops are fully adopted over the next 30 years this could increase maize, … Continue reading

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