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Utilising urine to capture CO2

A Spanish researcher has proposed the use of a readily available resource – wee – to combat CO2 pollution in cities. Urine (human and livestock) is a resource available across all human societies, is produced in large quantities and is … Continue reading

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Will “locovores” come back to bite us?

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Trends across the UK, Australia and the US show that more and more consumers are buying locally produced food. At the extreme, a new hoard of “locavores” will only eat food produced within a 100 mile radius. Why? Consumers note … Continue reading

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Making energy from cheese waste and cow manure

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New research has shown that a mix of whey (a by-product of the cheese-making process) and liquid cow manure may be the ideal combination for high quality biogas. Cheese whey is only a problem for really large dairies, but isn’t … Continue reading

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N footprinting – new tool shows importance of Nitrogen losses to the environment

A new tool has been developed to enable individuals to calculate their overall nitrogen footprint. This draws attention to the amount of reactive nitrogen (Nr) lost to the environment through food production and fossil fuel combustion, which can be an … Continue reading

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Making light of transport

To reduce congestion and improve air quality cities are seeking innovative ways to transport goods without compromising the supply distribution process. In Utrecht this has been accomplished via strict regulation of supply routes and novel delivery strategies. The plan uses … Continue reading

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The greening of Australia

Australia, the world’s highest per-capita polluter accounting for 1.5% of global emissions, has endorsed plans to regulate carbon creation and trade of carbon credits. The Carbon Farming Initiative aims to reduce emissions from the farming sector, currently responsible for 23% … Continue reading

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