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Researchers identify sterility genes in hybrid rice

Research in hybrid breeds demonstrates these tend to be more vigorous than the parent subspecies and can yield significantly larger crops of rice. Scientists from the National Centre of Plant Gene Research at Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan and the … Continue reading

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Mutant biofuel offers more power

Much of today’s biofuel is generated using cellulose; a membrane complex that surrounds plant cell walls. Enzymes target the cellulose and convert it into sugars which can then be used for fuel production. However, as cellulose has a very stable, … Continue reading

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GM foods –will they be back on the menu?

A new survey by the British Science Association shows that the proportion of the public concerned by GM crops is declining somewhat. The findings come at the same time as new evidence which shows that 90% of transgenic crop users … Continue reading

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Genetically modified fish

In Europe, public perception of genetically modified organisms is negative. This in turn influences a policy of stringent regulation on the use of GM materials. In the US the GM discussion is less contentious and the Food and Drug Administration … Continue reading

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You may be what you eat

It is expected that the nutrients, minerals and vitamins contained within the food we eat will be assimilated into our bodies. Once consumed, large molecules are quickly digested and broken down into safe functional components. Recent research has observed that … Continue reading

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