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The metal sponge that captures CO2

CO2 emissions from industry make up 40% of total CO2 emissions worldwide. Since 1990, improvements in energy intensity have been more than offset by increased total production, such that energy consumption and CO2 emissions have continued to rise dramatically and … Continue reading

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Smog-eating paint

A new paint has been created which scientists think could remove 20% of polluting nitrogen in major cities. The technology, called Boysen KNOxOUT, reacts with light and water vapour to filter out nitrogen oxides in the air. Each square metre … Continue reading

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Kite powered fishing boats

New innovative kite technology applied to small fishing vessels may provide fuel savings of 40-50% while the kite is in use (30-40%) of the time. Providing wind conditions are between 14 and 20 knots total overall fuel savings may be … Continue reading

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Second generation algal biofuel

The shipping industry contributes 3-4% of global greenhouse gas emissions and coupled with volatile oil prices, alternative fuels are an attractive proposition. US based Solazyme has developed one such substitute – fast growing crop and forest waste fed algae that … Continue reading

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Arctic methane is on the up

The scale and volume of methane release from the Arctic seabed is thought to be much greater than originally anticipated. Predicted to seep from the seabed at a rate of 8 million tonnes per year, Russian scientists now suggest this … Continue reading

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