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Turn it down: noise threshold for marine development

Marine development for energy generation is on the rise which means an increase in construction of seabed infrastructure and pile driving to anchor energy generating systems such as turbines. Pile driving large hollow steel pipes into the sea floor creates … Continue reading

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Marine energy doubled by predicting wave power

New methods for predicting wave power could double the energy generated from oceans, according to new research led by the University of Exeter, which could potentially make marine renewables more viable. The research team devised a method for accurately predicting … Continue reading

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Renewable power sources could meet all global energy needs by 2050

The decreasing cost of renewable power generation combined with new technical solutions to reliability challenges, should mean there are no economic or technical barriers to fulfilling the world’s energy from renewable sources, a recent study suggests. Solutions such as better … Continue reading

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Putting China in the spotlight

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. China has recently surpassed the US becoming the world’s largest emitter of CO2. They also suffer from terrible air pollution and currently build the equivalent of a 400MW coal fired power station every 3 days. … Continue reading

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Renewable energy growth to surpass fossil fuels, but………..

Global energy giant BP has indicated that renewables will remain the fastest growing sector in the global energy market for the next 20 years. Demand for biofuels is expected to average 8% per year up to 2030, which drastically out … Continue reading

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Rare mineral supply to hinder achievement of renewable energy targets

The European Commission has released information that the targets for renewable energy running up to 2020 could be seriously hindered by a shortfall in the global supply of rare minerals and metals. The report more precisely indicates that the production … Continue reading

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