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Nanotrees aid renewable energy

Hydrogen is a clean burning renewable energy source that exhibits amazing potential for use in fuel cell technology. However, the method of hydrogen generation is a barrier to mass production as the process requires electrical input whose generation often requires … Continue reading

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Reducing congestion, is this the panacea UK roads need?

Google has been operating a driverless car for 190,000 miles around California without fault. The automated transport could make traffic flows more efficient, improve congestion, and reduce accidents and air pollution. Crucially, congestion has a direct impact on health and … Continue reading

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Funding cleaner transport

Mexico City, home to 9 million people, has achieved success in reducing emissions via development of the first phase of a rapid transit Metrobus system. Efficiently transporting 390,000 passengers a day, Metrobus has generated an income of $1.1 million through … Continue reading

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The increasing contribution of biofuels to energy security

Biomethane, produced from a range of feed stocks such as organic waste materials, can be injected to the natural gas grid and has shown to be far superior to first generation liquid biofuels such as biodiesel. Roadmaps developed by the … Continue reading

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Electric cars charge forward

What has happened to the electric car sector? Recent subsidies provided by Government were expected to increase purchases of electric cars, but have failed. Without a network of service and support stations outside urban areas, few people are keen to … Continue reading

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