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Water grabs

Land grabbing is a well-known problem. According to the World Bank, about ten million hectares were acquired from governments or local authorities between 2004 and 2009 in five African countries alone. At the genesis of this are a number of … Continue reading

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Eight major rivers running dry from overuse – a future source of conflict?

Eight of the world’s greatest rivers have no net outflow due to the scale of human interventions upstream. Rivers, such as the Colorado, the Indus in Pakistan and the Yellow River in China, are so heavily abstracted for agriculture, industry … Continue reading

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El Niño Events May Tip Nations to War

Controversial research suggests that climactic events such as El Niño may have an effect on the susceptibly of nations to civil strife. Researchers observed strong historical linkages between temperature and violent outbreaks and suggest worldwide violence is twice as likely … Continue reading

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