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Bread developments – the bread that could last for 60 days

A technique has been developed that may make bread last up to 60 days, through a process that zaps the spores that cause mould. It is estimated that 32% of bread loaves purchased in the UK are thrown out as … Continue reading

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Buoyant trash

A novel proposed use for plastic bottles includes the creation of floating habitat islands. These islands are comprised of recycled plastic bottles bound together with marine foam and covered with a layer of soil. BioHaven® floating Islands are said to offer … Continue reading

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Poop in emerging economies: flush it or cook it?

A major health concern in developing countries is the lack of proper sanitation. 1.4 million children die each year from diseases related to faecal matter. However, installing flushable toilets around the world isn’t the answer. Western toilets use 3.5 gallons … Continue reading

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Making energy from cheese waste and cow manure

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New research has shown that a mix of whey (a by-product of the cheese-making process) and liquid cow manure may be the ideal combination for high quality biogas. Cheese whey is only a problem for really large dairies, but isn’t … Continue reading

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Artist makes food preservation hot

Artist Jihyun Ryou has transformed working knowledge from farmers and previous generations into a new art exhibit that tackles the refrigerator head-on. The art installation shows individuals how they can use industry tricks in their own homes to preserve carrots, … Continue reading

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Ice cream cones were way ahead of their time

A new solution to food packaging waste may be good enough to eat. Dr David Edwards of Harvard University is working on a project known as WikiCells, which aims to develop edible packaging for drinks, yoghurt and cheese. Whilst ideas … Continue reading

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Organisms that could solve the worlds waste problem

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Scientists from Yale University have discovered a fungi that can eat and essentially degrade plastic or more precisely polyurethane (PUR). The fungi was found in the Amazon rain forest and could act as a significant weapon against the growing issue … Continue reading

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